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Chervo Fabrics and Technologies


COMFORT® sportswear is designed and manufactured to ensure maximum wellbeing and freedom of movement in any situation. Elastic yarns and textiles are designed to fit perfectly to the body and yield to the strength and precision of athletic movement harmoniously and without constraint.


• special mechanical torsion yarns

• use of elastomeric fibres embedded and wrapped in the basic fibre

• highly resistant to wear and tear and washing


• a perfect fit

• extreme comfort

• noiseless

Dry Matic    

DRY-MATIC® sportswear is created with helical-structured microfibre textiles, specifically treated. Thanks to the finishing, the fabric has extraordinary transpiration and quick-drying properties, ensuring lasting freshness and protection against a sudden rainfall. An anti-bacterial treatment maintains the physiologic balance of the skin, for a “Skin Safe” effect to prevent unpleasant odours.


• helical-structured microfibre fabric

• specific fabric finishing

• antibacterial treatment


• quick drying after rain or wash

• “Skin Safe” effect, prevents unpleasant odours


A real, technological innovation for the eco-friendly treatment of yarns and fabrics, with no use of chemical additives.

Plasmatic is a nano technology providing permanent and eco-friendly additions to the fabric, such as moisture management, quick drying and anti-bacterial properties.


• Nano technology treated yarns and fabrics

• No chemical additives used


• Humidity is permanently and ecologically removed

• Quick drying

• Anti-bacterial

Sun Block     

Thanks to an innovative titanium-based filter against UV-rays, the SUN-BLOCK® technology offers superior protection against UV-A and UV-B rays. The double-faced structure of the fabric creates a draining effect, promoting faster drying of perspiration and water.


• titanium based SUN-BLOCK® filter

• double-faced textile structure

• soft and velvety elastic components


• UV-ray protection

• draining effect (quick perspiration and water drying)

+- Matic        

Three functions combined in one fabric:

fast drying thanks to the molecular structure of polyamide and to the specific finishings that ensure the fast and efficient evaporation of water;

sun filter, thanks to the titanium dioxide opacification treatment of the fibres acting as a sun shield;

thermo-regulation, thanks to the special honeycomb construction of the fabric which guarantees a constant change of air thus creating a natural air-conditioning system.


• Special structure and finishing

• Opacization of fibers with titanium dioxide

• Special honeycomb fabric construction


• Quick drying

• Sun filter

• Thermal regualtion

• Natural temperature control


Ultimate Cool Impact     

The ULTIMATE COOL IMPACT® technology reduces the temperature of direct sun radiation. The light and silky fabric acts as a shield against harmful UV rays. One single garment with four properties: freshness, protection, lightness, crease-resistance.


• light and silky fabric

• protection against harmful UV rays

• crease-resistance


• freshness

• lightness and softness

• comfort


Eco Safe    

The ECO-SAFE seal of warranty distinguishes garments with Ecolabel-certified fibres, a European Union ecological quality mark. The criteria established to obtain certification are very strict and take into consideration 40 aspects of the production cycle, ensuring maximum respect for the environment.


• Ecolabel brand certified fibres  


• energy efficiency (use of renewable, zero-impact energy sources)

• water efficiency

• adoption of advanced technologies

• reduced levels of pollutant emissions


Wind Lock     

Living outdoors and practicing sports enjoying maximum comfort, protected from the wind and from the cold weather: thanks to the WIND-LOCK® technology,all this is possible. Linings with elastic membranes and coatings with ultra-compact weaving “shut out” the cold air and wind. Chervo sportswear is modelled to ensure maximum freedom of movement.


• elastic membrane lining

• ultra-compact outer wefts


• completely wind-proof and cold-proof

• maximum freedom of movement

• noiseless

Accu Therm     

Thanks to its dual-system lining, the ACCU-THERM products accumulate solar energy and reflect body heat, generating an actual heat reserve. The double function is achieved thanks to the special production of hallow fibres with zirconium carbide particles.The dual effect creates a thermal gap between body and lining, giving a pleasant feeling of perfect wellness and comfort.


• dual system lining to create a heat reserve

• hollow fibres with zirconium carbide particles


• feeling of wellness

• maximum comfort


Aqua Block    

Water and windproof thanks to the high technology laminated-plus membrane, garment construction and taped seams. Water-repellent thanks to a durable finish. High transpiration properties of the hydrophilic membrane. Soft and noiseless thanks to the use of microfibre and to the special membrane manufacturing technology. Easy care.


• Long-lasting, water-repellent coating

• Micro-porous membrane

• High-tech production techniques

• Microfibers and special treatments

• Taped seams


• Totally waterproof and water repellent

• Wind-proof protection

• Highly breathable

• Maximum thermal insulation

• Softness, comfort, and freedom of movement


Soft Shell     

Soft ShellWarmth plus water and wind protection. The SOFT-SHELL shield merges many technologies in one single product.  


• waterproof

• wind proof

• elasticity


• thermal insulation

• maximum breathability

• comfort and softness


Aqua Drop     

The fabric’s protective coating repels water and stains of any kind. A top-performance, long-lasting treatment that is both breathable and invisible, extends the durability of our sportswear. Proper washing and ironing restore the original characteristics of the product. Fabrics are CFC free and are dermatologically tested.


• durable water-repellent protective coating


• repels water and stains

• breathable


Nano Safe     

The revolutionary NANO-SAFE technology ensures permanent waterproof and stain-proof properties. The nano-particles of one millionth of a millimetre in size used to treat fibres and materials repel water, other liquids, and dirt.


• water and dirt repellent


• it maintains its properties even after frequent washes


2way-stretch® 4way-stretch®       

STRETCH fabrics are highly resistant and extremely flexible:uni-directional horizontal stretch for 2-WAY products, and bidirectional horizontal and vertical stretch for 4-WAY products.



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